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Concieros wants to be your trusted source for the finest items enhancing feminine and sexual health.  Our name combines two words: Concierge- meaning someone who helps you find your way in a foreign place and Eros- the greek word for erotic love.  We want to guide you with information and tools that will make your intimate times incredible!  

We are a group of Certified Nurse-Midwives and Women's Health Nurses who recognized a need for reliable, evidence-based and discreet guidance for individuals and couples who are interested in having the best love-life possible.  We listened to our clients who were frustrated with inability to orgasm, or lack of desire, but who are understandably uncomfortable shopping in the usual venues for sexual aids.  You are not dirty or crazy for wishing to explore your sexuality more fully.  You are NORMAL!

We value your privacy and your satisfaction.  We have selected only the finest products that are warranteed against design flaws. Your products are shipped in discrete packaging and your name and information are secure and NEVER sold or given out.  You can trust us to help you more fully experience your sensual side: whether it be with a partner or alone. 

Concieros: because you are more than just another customer here.  Your health and happiness matter to us and so does your complete satisfaction!

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